Honda Repsol Leather Motorbike Boots

Outer Shell

  • Honda Repsol Boots have full grain leather upper construction for protection and durability.
  • TPU molded guard shields armour at ankle, heel, shin to protect from impacts.
  • Ankle protection and shift plate.
  • Durable microfiber and injected.
  • Innovative air vents at the shin of Honda Repsol Boots.
  • Reinforced, racing sole helps prevent crash injuries.
  • Special high grip sole, oil and petrol resistant with specific grip area.
  • Boots motorcycle have dual rubber compound race sole.

Inner Shell

  • Boots motorcycle also have Airtech lining, so that your feet can breathe and not sweat.
  • Lightweight liner is perfect for warm weather riding.


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Honda Repsol Leather Motorbike Boots Honda Repsol Leather Motorbike...