Luxury Studded Leather Biker Jacket

This leather biker jacket has an array of designs and patterns along the inner zip material, sleeves, back and chest. the main one being on the back which has the slogan “dare you” under a hand holding an eye, the theme of the jacket is stars, moon and celestial with other similar patterns.

There’s silver studs along the run of the pocket zips on the waist and best. There’s also studs on the shoulders. When zipped up the jacket becomes slightly double insulated on the front.

Around the waist is a belt with belt holes and a silver belt buckle fasten and the sleeves have wrist zips which can be opened or closed.

Materials: pu leather, metal studs, suede
Style: gothic alternative
Type: leather biker jacket
Decoration: rivets and studs
Pattern: graffiti stars and celestial


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luxury studded leather biker jacket Luxury Studded Leather Biker J...